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Thursday, August 7, 2008

-= Wasted Day =-


I feel that i am really very lazy.... OMFG...

i wasted the whole day seriously watching tv and sleep.. serious juz this 2 thing.. my mother bought dinner the worst chicken rice ever.. 4/5 bone.. the rest meat.. the rice is like dun knoe how 2 describe.. drank the fsh soup then thats it.. didnt eat anymore.. And i whole day only eat that... my house is so empty no snacks nothing... Haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..................

I wonder when will i really start studying.. serious.. haizzzzzzzz.......

-= i dun know how 2 study, nobody wanna help.. im doom... =-

-= cant study at home.. ARGH................. =-

11:05 AM

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

-= Tired.. haha =-


i think i slept alot but i still didnt get eough sleep..

met qiu ling and wei jian at clementi to bank in the money.. then couldnt really decide wat cakes to buy.. then went bacl SU met the rest.. then go farmart to eat.. at chua chu kang farm there.. ya..

then eat at some western restuarnt there.. ambience nt bad i then went back CCK. cos qiu ling bought a "cake".. then we celebrated at mac... didnt manage to get an apple cake so bought apple strudel instead.. haha..

then we went polar to buy candles.. oh ya.. went with russell jia wen val wei jian ryan me isaac and kai.. qiu ling join us later.. then some left then decided to go clementi Kbox.. yeah..

I think i sang the most no la the rest were dun know wat they were doing.. lol.. after that they cabbed back SU then i cabbed home so is kai.

i reach home i switch on the com and the aircon.. i juz lie on my bed and slept til the next morning.. for the 1st time i didnt shower and i slept.. eeeeeeeeeeeee... haha...

-= Know wat u are doing man, i really dun know how to help u when u r in deep shit the next time.. =-

-= i told val today... hate couples hate gers.. haha.. Joke la.. =-

-= honest trust and support, i am are the rest doing the same? =-

-= If one day, we start to lie to each other, thats it.. =-

Found some thinf interesting on the net..

A sad me tell me to tell me about me.
But me can't tell me about me to me.
So, me tell me that me sorry.
Me apologize to me then me come to see me.
And me tell me about me and me tell me about me.
And me live happy.
That is me.
Confuse? Me also confuse about me.

1:03 PM

-= Happy Birthday Kai =-


Happy Birthday Kai, Know you since like forever la, haha.. one year plus la.. since challengers camp.. a beri beri nice guy juz that have some problems expressing himself to the one he loves ah.. but dun worry, i know you can do it, one day, ill attend your wedding and maybe your best man.. haha.. anyway.. take great care my dear ah bang... wish you all the best in everything you do.. Right now, Study hard and conquer your exams.. after that enjoy ur holidays..

-= =) Ivan... =-

12:57 PM

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

-= Workedededeededed =-


Worked During this days.. in short F**Ked.. Too many things to say ready.. if i write out.. it will be next year i think..

-= How to be united when every1 is saboing everyone? =-

-= Watever you do, its your decision, lets say let all not be so gay.. =-

-= Everyday is war, i being to become a 2 face person.. hopefully u all dun mind.. =-

-= Ah hao, Ah qi and shan zi, hopefully we will stay united, and really understand wat the real meaning of brothers.. i seriously really dun 1 2 be cheated by any1 again.. =-

-= FUCKED, Think before u say anything la.. dun tel me you have a brian smaller than a ostrich..=-

1:29 PM

Saturday, August 2, 2008

-= Fun, Tired,Full =-


Reach school, then FMGT juz copy and copy the notes. hands tired siol. then go find thomas tan then finace.. then went back office.. was surfing the net then found this..

-= I gonna get this after i get my licence, be it 1st hand or 2nd hand.. =-

Then Bcomm gt this table topic.. same 3 min to think n present my topic is to redeuce the rate of drink driving, pubs, hotel, restuartanrs can only sell alchol from 10am to 12 am. I juz crap ah but the teacher still gave me some comments didnt manage to let her not say anything..

then break, then FIT lect,should not have gone ah,i slept.. haha.. she didnt really give hints i guess and i juz fell asleep..

tea reception. with the principal, it was quite a quiet affair.. will upload pictures once i have them.. few words from the principal then we tok 2 him also.. then decided to go marina to eat..

took the damn long bus 75 all the way to marina.. then ate carls junior..

haha, alot of things happen ah, we keep disturbing isaac, then wei jian write the feeback on behalf of sum1 nt

then decided to go drink at clarke quay @ Eski Bar.. stayed there til 1 plus 2... played a lot of stupid and silly games there.. drink.. oh ya.. we walked from MS to clarke.. those hu went were isaac, qiuling wei jian, val jolene me kai.. haha..

then cabbed home and some bussed home......

When at the pub, they played this damn nice song and i found it..

-= Enjoy..=-

-= I think the limit has been reached, so i need to apply for another card.. looking out.. =-

-= oh ya and i saw this damn cool pharse from one of my friend.. and i have been keep telling my friends, perhaps its ( dun know how 2 describe.. )..
It goes like... -= Dun give up the ones you love for the one you like, for the one you like will give you up for the ones they love.. =-

-= PS me, for all the complains i have the previous days, at that point of time i was really unlucky to the max.. =-

1 Aug 2008

-= Happy Birthday Euu niice=-

Take Care Little ger, good luck for your exams k. wish you all the best in everythign u do.. =)=)=)=).. see ya ard in school..=)

2:41 AM

-= WHY ME ???=-





-= 对不起小燕子, 是我于皓对不起你, yu hao dun ask for your forgiveness however xiao yan zi will always be yu hao's heart.. =-


2:36 AM

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

-= Studies is more important =-


reach sch at 1130.. finish up the greatest invention thingy.. the wei jian came da pao some lunch then eat at SU.. till like 130 plus pm then i walk to class when class is at 1..

then i reach the teacher also haven start the 2pid class lo.. presnetation, pass up assignment... then use stick straws tape to do a bridge then muz hold 5 kg.. our group was the best.. 6kg. haha.. then the teacher help us modify then can hold7 kg.. cos out beri strong.. then we write our name then put in cardboard.. HALL OF FAME.. we nv play cheat like other group use hand laptop to support.. but it ended 5 plus... haizz.. then no more Service Innovation... BYE BYE

upload the bridge picture soon..

then SU.. meet the directors.. then our meeting..then qiu ling brought the chocolate fondue thing.. then we had that.. then isaac n kian wei go da pao dinner.. tok a lot of cock.. jokes and a lot alot till we laugh like siao... stomachache.. til bout 11 plus then left home..

here i am blogging.. sleeping soon..

-= i really dun know wat to say, no need double confirm.. cos actions speaks louder than words.. =-

-= maybe i am tired, but i really cant be bothered anymore.. so one day by one day, difficulties coem solve it one by one.. so ur stuff u do urself.. im not gonna care.. =-

-= should i give up the ferrari for the lamborghini? =-

-= ferrari is nice so is the lambo.. how i wish i can hav 2.. =-

-= Give me a break, i need one seriously... =-


3:23 AM

15th SC
ITE Bishan- Accountancy
Sports + Outdoors + Billards
And No. 7
Audit R8
Ipod (80 Gb)
Canon Digital Ixus 85 IS
Contact Lens
Iphone or SE W960i
Back Pack
Driver's Licence